Friday, May 2, 2008

Update: Time-out

Jeremiah told me his time-out story today and I have to write it down. Miah was trying to change squirmies diaper and he wouldn't sit still so Miah told him that if he didn't sit still he would have to go to time-out. So Boston, being the obedient squirt that he is, complied and let Miah change his diaper. As soon as Miah was done Boston gets up and goes running for time-out. Miah tells him that he doesn't have to go and so Boston starts to come back and then Miah tells him that he only had to go to time-out if he didn't listen. As soon as Boston heard that word, he went booking it back to the corner.

Do we have him trained or what????

He either LOVES time-out or he's just the sweetest little guy in the whole world and listens to his parents. I think it's the latter :)

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Tasha said...

Boston needs to teach Kalli how to quietly go to time-out and "enjoy" it. It looks like you guys have the whole parenting thing figured out! :)