Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Boss man

My mom is tired of hearing about me and wants to see more pictures of her grandson. : )
You can't deny a nana news of her grandbabies.

Boston tried to feed the geese at the park. He would run after them, throw the bread at them, pick the bread up, run after them, throw the bread at them, etc.
The geese didn't like being chased and bread thrown at them. It was difficult teaching a 2 year old how to stand still and throw the bread TO the geese and wait until they came to the bread. Too much waiting for a little guy. But in the end, we prevailed and he successfully fed the geese. What a fun day!!!


Ann Marie said...

Boston is a cutie petutie! He is getting so big!

Kellie said...

Oh my....your little guy is soooo darn cute. Love his hair =) & his name!!

Tasha said...

Boston was determined and he finally succeeded. Maybe a glimpse into his future with the ladies:)

Erica B. said...

I'm totally getting flashbacks to when Ian was 2. So funny, what a boy!