Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas in New Mexico

Our little drummer boy. B got to open this present early. He's a natural!

Nana and Papa in old town.
Mom and B in their Christmas PJ's. Boston got a cute dog stocking from Nana.
B and and cousin, Lexus, opening gifts on Christmas morning.
B trying on his new shirt for us.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Eve in Old Town~ Luminarias

I love going home for Christmas. New Mexico has many wonderful cultural traditions. One of my favorite is Luminarias on Christmas Eve. Old Town and many of it's neighborhoods become the center of a famous walking a bus tour. Luminarias and Christmas trees are put out and there are vendors with hot chocolate, tamales, and sopapillas. Here is a little history about luminarias and some pictures.The oldest church in Albuquerque. Built in the 1700's.

Nana, Papa, Boston and Jess. It's so cold. It snowed a couple of days before we got there.

Boston kept trying to blow out the candles, with no luck.

In the 1800’s luminarias were small bonfires built along the roadside to commemorate Christ’s birth. They were used to guide people to Midnight Mass on the final night of LAS POSADAS, “lodging or inn”.

Later people used farolitos, small paper bags with sand in the bottom and a small candle inside to light the bag. This was a substitute for the more dangerous bonfires. Children in the southwest, reenacting the night of Las Posadas often carried the farolitos in their hands. Today they are used to line walkways, driveways and roof tops.

The night of Las Posadas is a festive celebration first introduced to the Mexican Indians by European missionaries reenacting the story of Joseph and Mary’s search for lodging in Bethlehem in a series of NOVENA, “nine days”, beginning December 16th.

Each night a group of carolers would go from house to house, carrying small lanterns made of a paper bag with a lit candle inside (farolitos). The carolers would sing a song pleading for food and shelter. Some homes would turn them away, but others would invite them in and offer food – posole, red and green chili stews, Christmas Eve tamales, biscoshitos, etc.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

O' Christmas Tree

Here's a look at our Christmas Tree this year. I didn't put out all the decorations as we were gone for most of the Holidays. We received a very special package from Jeremiah's mom~ her famous window cookie ornaments. They are beautiful and delicious. We were so excited to display them on the tree . . . and then eat them.

A look at Christmas past. This is Boston last year. Time goes by so fast!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Twas The Light Before Christmas~ Newport Beach Boat Parade

We had a GREAT day today. This morning we went to Laguna Beach, had breakfast and played on the beach. Boston played with Abu (a puppy puggle owned by our friend), played soccer with some kids, chased pigeons, tried to play volleyball with a girl and her coach, and climbed on a little girls back and played with her hair.

This kind of thing happens more often than I'd like it to. He loves hair so much that he's constantly trying to cop feels. He started out climbing on the bench next to her and her family. Then he'll stare at her while she is watching the dogs (they are turned around on the bench leaning over the back). Every time she turns away from him, he'll reach for her hair, but not really touch it. He'll do this for a good five minutes than finally grab hold of a piece and rub it in his fingers (like any normal kid would do with a blankie). Then he gets really comfortable and climbs around on her back and just holds her hair and plays with it. Instant friends!!!!! Wish I had my camera. Like I said, this isn't uncommon.

After the beach, we head home and take naps then we meet up with the Savage's and Fischer's for dinner at Chipotle (so glad we got to see them) and head down to Newport. What a great day!

Here we are with the Fischer's in Newport Beach at the Christmas Boat Parade. It wasn't as cold as Boston looks. But I'm the mom who dresses up her kid like Randy (Ralphie's little brother) in The Christmas Movie.

Boston helping some boys out with their castle.

Oh, found some older girls to help with their castle. Think I'll stay here for a while. Notice how Boston is "leaning" on this girls leg. Making himself comfortable.

Just leaning.

The only non-blurry photo of the boats (or should I say, yachts. We ARE in Newport) as they passed. They were very festive! I especially loved the one's that played Christmas music.

Boston Lou Who

This picture went around the Forest family email!!!! Thanks Uncle Jason for taking such a classic picture. I wasn't around for this, but apparently he was "talking" through the bars when this was captured. That' s my little man~ Express yourself, baby!!!!

Training early

Miah is currently reading a book on leadership and coaching. He put it down for a minute and Boston grabs it, sits in his little Boston-size chair, and starts to read it like daddy does.

Have to start reading the right books to prepare for the future!!!

Boston is also going to be in a band when he's older (or now if someone will accept him). We do "music time" everyday - Boston decided that. He will grab Miah's hand and pull him into the "music room", grab the guitar and give it to Miah and then wait for him to play. Boston will dance and go to the keyboard and play shaking his head. In this picture he grabbed the guitar stand and is "singing" into it like a microphone. I have not idea where he got this idea, but it works perfectly. I can't believe this kid. . . he amazes me everyday.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Boston and Whitnee

Did I mention that Boston loves his cousin Whitnee. Well, he loves older girls (that's my boy). He learned to make funny faces recently - I think he learned it watching Yo Gabba Gabba (if any of you have heard of this ~ weird show). He loves to try and copy any funny face you make. It makes me laugh so hard. He's doing all of this while she was trying to watch a movie.

B making Whitnee a funny face.

You can see B laughing at the funny face he's making on Whitnee.

B making his own funny face. I don't have this on film yet, buy my favorite is his cocked to one side with his tongue sticking out.

Boston climbing on Whitnee's back.

Both of them STILL watching the movie . . .

Sunday, December 9, 2007


This post is super late, but I finally got around to doing it. We had the wonderful opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in St. George with Jeremiah's family and then come back to see my family (they met at our house). I didn't get a chance to take any "dinner" pictures, but just notice how much tighter my clothes are getting and you'll know that they were great meals!!!!!!

This is us attempting to get family pictures in this beautiful Autumn setting at the entrance to Zion's National Park. We never got the little bug to sit still~ (I have about 10 more shots similar to these with Boston in various trying-to-get-away poses).

Granny breaking pecans for Isak and Boston. What a great Granny!!
Boston "loving" his cousin, Whitnee. She was trying to watch a movie and he was smothering her with love and slobbery kisses ~more picture in a later post.

My niece celebrated her first birthday with us. Here's mom showing her how to blow out the candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAYCI!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Clean B

Boston loves to help do the chores around the house. These are what I was able to catch on camera. He LOVES to do the laundry too. He put clothes. . and toothbrushes, phones, toys, diapers (yes, clean and dirty) in the hamper.

Sweeping up the dirt that he spilled from the planter. He decided that he needed the broom that mommy had too.

Vaccumming the floor. Got to get all those dust bunnies!

Don't cry over spilled milk, just clean it up. Boston loves drinking out of this liquid measuring cup, it's just his size. He spilled some of it and I just give him a towel and he'll wipe it up. He loves to take towels and wipe things up. I caught him the other day with some toilet paper wiping his own nose.

Oops, got to get that pesky carpet stain. He loves his water bottle. He likes to spray himself in the face and then spray and "do" his hair.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mama and little man date at Disneyland

Boston looking out the window on the Nemo Submarine ride.

At the bottom of the "Tarzan Tree House". Boston is looking up at ALL THOSE STEPS WE JUST CLIMBED. Whew. . .what a trek. And look how tired he looks. He's even got bags under his eyes (I think it's just a camera trick~ he was still very hyper).

So Boston and I went on a little afternoon date to Disneyland today and had SO much fun. It was a gorgeous 85 degrees and sunny when we got there at 10:30am. We took the tram from the parking lot and the stroller fell off of it (B was sitting next to me, NOT in the stroller). B and I just looked at each other and I said "Well, that's interesting" and sighed and wondered how we were going to get that back. Luckily a service van was behind us and picked it up.

We started out in Toon Town and went on the Roger Rabbit spin ride. It was a little scary for Boston because he climbed on my lap and hugged me for dear life. I loved it, mostly because of the big, squishy hug I got during the whole ride.

Then we ventured over to the Nemo Submarine ride and waited in line for about 30 minutes. In the meantime Boston made friends with a Philippino family of 6 who took some pictures of him and wanted us to sit by them- the ride was fun too. While I was holding him in line he also tapped the back of an older gentleman who looked like he was a rough and tough biker back in the day. Then B made him high-five and fist-bump over and over for about 5 minutes.

Then we went on Autopia and B drove for a bit and then sat lower-rider style just chillin and checkin out the scenery. Then we went to The Jungle Cruise and climbed the Tarzan Treehouse . . . wow is that all we did in 3 hours. Well it was a ton of fun and on the way out B made more friends. We were waiting for the tram and a brother and sister (around 8 and 10) were sitting on the ground and B sat down and scooted over to them and sat in between them like he was a long lost cousin. He does this at restaurants too. He'll go find a table (or 2 or 3) with a family and an empty chair and sit in the chair and start a conversation, probably about how much it would be if they would take him home with them.

A Good Night's Sleep

YAY!!!!! Boston slept through the night last night. I know that sounds funny, given that he's 17 months old. Needless to say, he's not a sound sleeper. I can't remember the last time he didn't wake up. He usually wakes up 2 to 3 times. First because his diaper is wet and the other times because he just wants to snuggle. When I go in to lay him back down (he's usually sitting up saying "mama, mama" over the monitor) he puts his arms around my neck and pulls me as close as he can and then puts one leg over me ~ as far as his little leg will go and nuzzles his face in my neck (yep, he's totally got me wrapped around his little finger).

Oh, just in case you're confused Boston sleeps in the guest room on the Queen bed next door to his nursery and the crib that he's hardly ever slept in. So last night as I was putting him down (laying down next to him) he moves around and I feel this wet little mouth on my ear and then he turns my head and plants a huge, juicy kiss on my lips (keep in mind it's pitch black, he's not afraid of the dark). Between those kisses and the snuggling, he can sleep in any room he wants!!!! He knows exactly how to melt my heart~

The unused nursery.

Boston's Quarters.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Park

I took B to the park last night. After all the "normal" park activities B notices some guys shooting hoops on the court. He grabs his ball and runs as fast as his little legs will take him to join a game. I'm able to keep him on the sidelines until half the court opens up.

He wants to put the ball in the basket. I'm wondering if he notices that there's a bit of height difference between this basket and the one we have at home (that's 3' tall). He even gets me to lift him up to get closer to the basket.

He's mad he can't make a basket and angrily throws his ball, sits down, takes off his shoes. . .

and runs to the other side of the court because these other guys look like they are doing much better at this than we were.

I tell him he can't play with them and he runs over to the tennis courts, watches for a bit and then treks through the bushes on a new adventure.