Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Twas The Light Before Christmas~ Newport Beach Boat Parade

We had a GREAT day today. This morning we went to Laguna Beach, had breakfast and played on the beach. Boston played with Abu (a puppy puggle owned by our friend), played soccer with some kids, chased pigeons, tried to play volleyball with a girl and her coach, and climbed on a little girls back and played with her hair.

This kind of thing happens more often than I'd like it to. He loves hair so much that he's constantly trying to cop feels. He started out climbing on the bench next to her and her family. Then he'll stare at her while she is watching the dogs (they are turned around on the bench leaning over the back). Every time she turns away from him, he'll reach for her hair, but not really touch it. He'll do this for a good five minutes than finally grab hold of a piece and rub it in his fingers (like any normal kid would do with a blankie). Then he gets really comfortable and climbs around on her back and just holds her hair and plays with it. Instant friends!!!!! Wish I had my camera. Like I said, this isn't uncommon.

After the beach, we head home and take naps then we meet up with the Savage's and Fischer's for dinner at Chipotle (so glad we got to see them) and head down to Newport. What a great day!

Here we are with the Fischer's in Newport Beach at the Christmas Boat Parade. It wasn't as cold as Boston looks. But I'm the mom who dresses up her kid like Randy (Ralphie's little brother) in The Christmas Movie.

Boston helping some boys out with their castle.

Oh, found some older girls to help with their castle. Think I'll stay here for a while. Notice how Boston is "leaning" on this girls leg. Making himself comfortable.

Just leaning.

The only non-blurry photo of the boats (or should I say, yachts. We ARE in Newport) as they passed. They were very festive! I especially loved the one's that played Christmas music.


Ann Marie said...

That's such a fun Christmastime activity - haven't done it in awhile - looks like you all had a great time!

Tasha said...

The only thing missing in those pictures is some yummy Turkish Delight...We had lots of fun, it is a definite must for next year!