Monday, December 22, 2008

Wegowand (Legoland)

One of Boston's best girlfriend's celebrated her 4th birthday (in December) at Legoland and we had the pleasure of being able to go. Emi's mom made the kid's custom "Team Emi" t-shirts with their names on the back. It was adorable and great way to keep track of the kiddos. We had SO much fun and Boston went on his very first roller coaster and LOVED it. As soon as he was buckled in he put his arms up and squealed with joy the whole time. This is the beginning of our adrenaline junkie. Thanks Savage's for an amazing day and Happy Birthday Emi.

Boston and Kali on Thomas (notice the sign in front that says "Do Not Climb".

The whole group.

Playing hopscotch at the entrance.

The cutest shirts.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tyler's bowling birthday party

Boston was invited to his friend's birthday party and had his first experience bowling. It was quite an experience. He would drop the ball, push it and then sit down and watch it go. The other kids would sit down and watch too. You might as well, it took about 5 minutes to go down the lane :) I think he even hit some pins, but not hard enough to knock them down. They would just wobble a little and the ball would get stuck. He also discovered Dance Dance Revolution.

Nancy and Mike

We had a wonderful and unexpected surprise before Christmas. I have a previous blog about Nancy and Shoukoo. They are neighbors that go on a walk down our street everyday. Boston just loves to see them and Nancy LOVES to smother Boston with kisses (which, I'm sure, is part of the reason he loves to see them so much). Nancy came over with her husband, Mike and we were so excited to meet him. They also brought Boston a train set as a gift. What a lucky boy and generous friends. He absolutely loves it and plays with it every day. He also tells us quite often that he wants to see Nancy and Mike. We love having these new friends.

Redlands and the cousins

Jeremiah has a cousin who lives in Redlands that we go visit (not often enough). His aunt and another cousin were in town for our niece's birthday (Happy Birthday Katelyn) and we had the pleasure of joining them for the celebration. Here are some pictures to demonstrate what these cousins are like when they get together. It's hilarious and I love the laughter and joy that fills the house when we all get together!!!!

Boston, Katelyn and Emma. Those silly belly's. (Jeremiah, Boston and I went to a Christmas tree lighting in San Juan and he met a cute 5 year old girl waiting in line for a train ride. They had fun talking and playing and she called Boston a "silly billy". So he pulls up his shirt and points to his tummy and says "see, silly belly")

Katelyn. As you can see, she is the leader of the Silly Belly Club.


The fam just hanging out! We had so much fun!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miah's first meal

Here is Jeremiah on December 1st at midnight eating his first meal after eating the refugee diet for 30 days. He had some chicken red curry coconut soup, a banana and glass of OJ. It was a great moment and I am so proud of him.

Thanksgiving '08- The untraditional year

I've been consistently a month behind in my blogging. Now that Christmas has past, here is my post for Thanksgiving. My camera broke over Christmas as well (so sad) and I have a month's worth of postings saved so it gives me some time to replace the camera!!!

Here we are this year on Thanksgiving morning. We went to San Clemente Pier to "catch" our dinner. We dug up some worms in the front yard, grabbed our poles, and headed out. It was so nice and warm that we didn't care the fish weren't biting (except for what to do about dinner). Jeremiah was still on his refugee diet and the Fischer's joined us for a nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner of take out. Tasha got a turkey sandwich and I got some butternut squash ravioli, both from Mimi's. The guys didn't really eat (out of respect to the refugee diet) and I think the kids had mac and cheese. It was a low key year, but one I'll never forget.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Skee Ball

I went to see a Christmas production called "Savior of the World" put on by my church (which was amazing) tonight, so Jeremiah had Boston all to himself.
Here is a picture Miah took of Boston playing skee ball at Dave and Busters. Miah was so proud that he would only put the balls in the 100 point hole. His strategy worked so well that he earned himself a couple of prizes with the tickets he won. Jeremiah let him pick the prizes all by himself. Guess what he came home with. . . . a wind up walking happy face and a shot glass (Boston calls it his baby cup).

Boston showing off his winnings to mom. Drinking juice out of his "baby cup".

B grabbed this "stick" out of the utensil drawer, put it in his mouth and crawled around the kitchen trying to say "woof" with it in his mouth. Good Boston, good Boston.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Fun Tag"

Ok, I was tagged by Jay to post the 4th picture of the 4th folder in my photo album. So, here it is. This is a picture of Jeremiah and I at "Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel" in Las Vegas on our first wedding anniversary renewing our vows. We wanted to renew with Elvis. We went to Goodwill and bought the ugliest, 80's/trailer park outfits we could find and called some friends to meet us there, but they had to dress as bad as we were. I was 5 months pregnant with a skin tight, royal blue, sequined dress from the 80's and knee high snake skin boots. Miah had his shirt opened all the way in front exposing his full array of hairy chest. After the ceremony, we all went to dinner at a nice restaurant in a limo. Anyone have any fun ideas for our upcoming 4th anniversary???

I tag Tasha, Mibi, Erin and Erica.

Jeremiah's 30 day Refugee Diet.

As some of you know, Jeremiah is doing a 30 day refugee diet. He started on November 1st, which puts him at the halfway point today. I just wanted to congratulate him and let him know how incredibly proud I am of him for his dedication and compassion. He never ceases to amaze and astound me with his pure heart. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and helping me be a better person just by who you are.

Here is a picture of what Jeremiah eats on a daily basis.

(As posted on the website

For most in the United States, November is a month to give thanks. On Thanksgiving Day, we gather at our homes and enjoy great food and the company of loved ones. Refugees in and from Darfur have been deprived of a home; many of their loved ones have been killed; and they lack enough of the basics, such as food and water. In solidarity with all of the displaced from Darfur, SGN teammate Jeremiah Forest will participate on a month-long fast, matching his diet to the ones of refugees we have recently visited in the desert. Miah will write daily journals and regularly upload pictures and video, sharing his experience.

Cracked Wheat - Daily, 7 oz. (weight not volume) (686 Calories)
Farina Wheat Cereal - Daily - 1.17 oz (weight not volume) (123 Calories)
Yellow Split Peas - Daily 1/6 Cup (82 Calories)
Oil - Daily 2.4 TSPNs (96 Calories)
Sugar - Daily 2 TSPNs (30 Calories)
Salt - Daily 1/10 Teaspoon per day.

Total of 1,017 Calories

You can follow his and Eric's diet journey on their journal postings and videos at

Happy clips!!

Well, not really "happy". Boston had a "haircut date" with Kalli. Kalli did great and came out with the cutest haircut. Boston. . . well, he did not enjoy the experience and you can see it on his face.

YAY!!! Haircut time.

Let's get a close up on that face. Even with the dinosaurs and candy, Boston is still scowling.

Mom tried her hand at combing B's hair to help him get comfortable.

"Just get this over with".

Mom: Look Boston, Kalli is getting her haircut too. She's having fun!!!
Boston's thoughts: Seriously mom, I can't believe you think this is fun. Just hurry please.

Hairstylist: Look, I have a blue and yellow balloon, which one do you want. Balloons are fun!!!
Boston: Fine, whatever. Try and bribe me. It's not going to work.

Balloons are way more fun when they're blown up. Here, let me show you.

Phew. . . finally it's over. Let me enjoy my sucker in peace.

Irvine Park Railroad

We just discovered this place and went for the Pumpkin Patch. We decided to go back and check out the rest of the park with our friends. It has a train ride, paddle boats, hiking and biking trails, a duck pond, playground, and even a small zoo. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We even got leftover goody bags from Halloween with lots of candy. Tasha and I raided the candy bowl more than once (don't tell).

Chuga Chuga Choo Choo

All Aboard. . .

The dad's helping the kids get a better view of the beaver. We saw a bear, fox, a couple of donkeys running around their enclosure playing, but then I think it turned into a little brawl (never seen that before), and a hawk eating it's dinner. You could hear the crunching of the bones as it pecked at the mouse (yuck) and lots of other animals. We weren't expecting much for $2, but definitely got our money's worth.

It's a two headed ghost. . .

Kalli found out how multi-functional Miah can really be.

A random picture taken a couple of days before at one of our favorite parks.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween '08

We went to Oak street in Laguna Beach with some friends. It's a GREAT place to Trick or Treat. They close down the streets and almost all of the houses are decorated (and I mean DECKED OUT). There are so many great costumes. Boston overdosed on candy and was running in circles and falling down by the end of the night. Good thing it's only once a year.

The Harvest Festival. This was such a fun event and everything was FREE. Hot Dogs, Taco Bell, In and Out, Kettle Corn, Balloons, lots of kid rides and games. . . We came here after trick or treating with the Fischer's and met up with the Savages. Thanks for making this Halloween so great!!!

B on the swing ride!

Boston and his princesses and ballerina.

Jeremiah and Jess at a couple's Halloween party. What a fun night!!!!

Boston put on his infant goggles and then kept asking for a "suit". I found this "suit" and he put it on and ran around the house really fast. We think he wanted to be like Dash in The Incredibles and needed a Super Suit to go with his mask. Cutie boy.

Princess Bostonella- This was B's back up costume. Whenever he goes to his friend, Kalli's, house, they both dress up as princesses. Boston asks to dress up at least twice a week. I wasn't sure if he would wear the pirate costume, so I had my friend bring her princess costume as a backup. We are hoping this is only a phase and will not last very long. (Kalli's dad photoshopped makeup on him in this photo just to rub it in). B never ceases to amaze me.