Monday, December 22, 2008

Wegowand (Legoland)

One of Boston's best girlfriend's celebrated her 4th birthday (in December) at Legoland and we had the pleasure of being able to go. Emi's mom made the kid's custom "Team Emi" t-shirts with their names on the back. It was adorable and great way to keep track of the kiddos. We had SO much fun and Boston went on his very first roller coaster and LOVED it. As soon as he was buckled in he put his arms up and squealed with joy the whole time. This is the beginning of our adrenaline junkie. Thanks Savage's for an amazing day and Happy Birthday Emi.

Boston and Kali on Thomas (notice the sign in front that says "Do Not Climb".

The whole group.

Playing hopscotch at the entrance.

The cutest shirts.



Erica B. said...

looks pretty amazing. Is it really as warm out there as I've been hearing?

Ann Marie said...

The shirts are to die for - of COURSE Debbie made those, I have no doubt! :) Looks like a blast!