Sunday, December 21, 2008

Redlands and the cousins

Jeremiah has a cousin who lives in Redlands that we go visit (not often enough). His aunt and another cousin were in town for our niece's birthday (Happy Birthday Katelyn) and we had the pleasure of joining them for the celebration. Here are some pictures to demonstrate what these cousins are like when they get together. It's hilarious and I love the laughter and joy that fills the house when we all get together!!!!

Boston, Katelyn and Emma. Those silly belly's. (Jeremiah, Boston and I went to a Christmas tree lighting in San Juan and he met a cute 5 year old girl waiting in line for a train ride. They had fun talking and playing and she called Boston a "silly billy". So he pulls up his shirt and points to his tummy and says "see, silly belly")

Katelyn. As you can see, she is the leader of the Silly Belly Club.


The fam just hanging out! We had so much fun!

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