Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Babylove~

Jeremiah turned 33 on August 24th. Happy Birthday, love. Thank you for being everything I have ever dreamed of and more. You are an amazing father, friend and husband. Thanks for making me laugh so hard that my sides hurt. Thanks for making life so much fun, no matter what trials it brings. You are the most selfless and compassionate person I know. You inspire me to be my best at all times. Thank you for your patience and always saying the right things and making me feel so special. You are my rock!!!! I love you. . .

Saturday, August 2, 2008

At the beginning of July ( I know, I know. . . slacker) we went to Ogden, UT to participate as a proud member in the Albiston Family Reunion. I think there were 115 people there!!!! It was a 4 day extravaganza and so much fun. The Forest Family stayed in Eden which is a valley at the base of Powder Mountain in a cabin. It was gorgeous. The first day we went to a park and did ice blocking, slip and slides, bar-b-que, and made tin can ice cream (baggie of ice cream ingredients inside a tin can packed with ice and salt - you have to shake the can for 15 min and WALLAH, ice cream). Boston ended up naked on the slip and slide and then refused to put his clothes on after. He did a nudey dance for cousin Sharla at the top of the slide. He also wanted to be the one to push everyone down the hill on their ice and on the slip and slide. I think he enjoys telling people what to do more than doing it himself. It's kind of how he runs the household. On Sunday most of us went to church (the ward tripled in size) and gave testimonies at sacrament (Boston included). It was amazingly spiritual. That evening we gathered at Bella's restaurant (owned by family members) and had a HUGE feast, a devotional and a birthday celebration for Nana's 90th (the whole reason for the get together). Monday was a family camp day in the mountains with omelets and hot cakes for breakfast, horse shoes, hikes, bounce houses, movies, and dutch oven yumminess for dinner. Fun is an understatement!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Do not try this at home. . .

Have you ever experienced the "not so present" feeling. You are so deep in thought about something at the same time that you are driving or grooming that you are going through the motions, but not quite present to the action. I experienced this (again) last night. I was getting ready for bed and something was not right. I want to make a list of things not to do while grooming (from personal experience).

1. Nail polish remover does not work as well as toner. You will notice a strange odor and your face will feel extremely dry.

2. Body lotion does not make a good conditioner. While I was in Cabo on vacation, I thought that the hotel offered the WORST conditioner EVER. It rinsed out squeaky and didn't condition at all. It wasn't until the second time using it that I realized it wasn't bad Mexican conditioner, it was me.

3. You've heard that putting egg whites into your hair adds protein and shine, right? Make sure you don't rinse it out with warm water or you will boil the egg in your hair. It takes a couple of washes to get out boiled egg white in hair!!!!

And for my most recent experience:
4. As well as Neosporin works on cuts and bruises it makes a horrible toothpaste. I was brushing my teeth wondering why there was no minty freshness in my mouth. At first I was worried that I lost all sensation and taste. Luckily, I still have taste and any cuts or bruises around my teeth have been properly cared for. Just in case you're wondering how I could mix up neosporin and toothpaste, I am using a toothpaste from that dentist that is just a little bit bigger than a tube of neosporin.

From a friend: Mascara does not make a good lip gloss (unless you happen to be goth). This particular friend sings every Sunday in front of the congregation in a band at her church. This would not have been a good look for her.

I would love to hear any of your stories. . . or am I the only one that does this????