Friday, June 27, 2008

Forestaplis 500

This is our new fun past time. It's a bit hard on the bum, but so much fun. We have 3 of these toddler cars (don't ask) and Boston recruited our friend (adult friend) Whitney and I doing this the other night. We were all cracking up because you go sooo fast on these things. Either we are bored or easily entertained. I'm sure it's the latter one :)


Kianna's Birthday

We had the pleasure of attending the birthday party for our friend's daughter, Kianna. They had it at a gymnatics center. I was so busy playing with the kids on the equipment that I forgot to take pictures. The dad's were having as much, if not more, fun as the kids. Boston was able to keep up with all of the older kids and wore himself out. It was so much fun and a GREAT place to have a party!!!!


Boston would jump off of this ledge into the foam pit only holding one of dad's hands. The older kids were amazed. The picture makes it look like dad is helping B more than he is.

The festivities. Happy Birthday Kianna.

Mr. Woods, meet Mr. Forest

I think Boston could totally be a pro-golfer. I mean he already has the name to fit in right after Tiger (if you like the "tree" theme). This was Boston's first time at mini golf. He practices at home with a spatula, drumstick, bat, (whatever he can find) on all sizes of balls. We thought we should show him what "real" golf was.

I could do this with my eyes closed. . . or with the putter upside down.

A little lesson from dad.

You know, it's so much easier to just put the ball right next to the hole and putt it in instead of bothering with hitting it from so far away. I think I'll do it on every hole.

Family pic. Just so you know mom was there.

Dad, dad I got it. Go sit down and let me do this.