Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. Woods, meet Mr. Forest

I think Boston could totally be a pro-golfer. I mean he already has the name to fit in right after Tiger (if you like the "tree" theme). This was Boston's first time at mini golf. He practices at home with a spatula, drumstick, bat, (whatever he can find) on all sizes of balls. We thought we should show him what "real" golf was.

I could do this with my eyes closed. . . or with the putter upside down.

A little lesson from dad.

You know, it's so much easier to just put the ball right next to the hole and putt it in instead of bothering with hitting it from so far away. I think I'll do it on every hole.

Family pic. Just so you know mom was there.

Dad, dad I got it. Go sit down and let me do this.


Anonymous said...

YEA!!! New postings:) Very cute. He starting to look like a little man instead of a baby. I miss you guys. Give Boston a hug for me (go ahead and give yourself one too).

Ann Marie said...

So much fun! Kylie LOVES to go too - hmmmm, wonder who influenced her for that? :-) We should hit it next time together! Could be a fun FHE! What do ya say?!

Tasha said...

Looks like Tiger is going to have a run for his money :) Maybe Boston's name could be "Lion Forest" Has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?