Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boston turns 2!!!!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday little buddyyyyyyy. Happy Birthday to you!!! YAY!!!!

Boston turned 2 on May 26th. It's awesome having a fun and busy 2 year old (except that I have to pay for plane tickets now for him. . . ).

We held a combined park and pizza birthday party for him and his friend Chloe (last week) who was born on the same day. Her mom, Debbie, and I worked out together while pregnant and had a combined baby shower. It was only fitting that they were born on the same day (not planned) and have combined birthdays. We'll invite you all to their wedding in about 20 years.

Boston opening his package from Nana. He decided it would be way fun to take out the peanuts one at a time with tongs. This only lasted for about 5 minutes.

Mom, make me a balloon animal ("Make me a bicycle, clown").

B has a frosting mustache from trying to dig into the cake . . . and he hates the hat.

Ready to blow out the candles? B practiced a ton at that fancy dinner party last week.


Boston feel asleep in the car on the way home. Way too partied out!! When he woke up at midnight (yep, he did) we decided it would be a good time open presents.

Look at all of this loot. Thank you everyone for the great gifts.

The next morning. Cheese!! By the way. We didn't plan on him being shirtless in all the pictures. We do dress him, I swear. He just always wanted them off when the camera came out to show off his muscles.

The Boss man

My mom is tired of hearing about me and wants to see more pictures of her grandson. : )
You can't deny a nana news of her grandbabies.

Boston tried to feed the geese at the park. He would run after them, throw the bread at them, pick the bread up, run after them, throw the bread at them, etc.
The geese didn't like being chased and bread thrown at them. It was difficult teaching a 2 year old how to stand still and throw the bread TO the geese and wait until they came to the bread. Too much waiting for a little guy. But in the end, we prevailed and he successfully fed the geese. What a fun day!!!

Where's my camera?

Because I'm a "blogger" there are a lot of instances where I wish I had my camera so I could post the picture and write about it. Last night tops any time that has ever happened (I have a serious problem).

So I had this dream. It was a weird one, which most of mine are. It combined the book that I'm reading with my new addictive game I'm playing. I was in this courtyard with a lot of people and there was this guy named TOV (a screen name of a player in a game I played online. You can chat as you play). He was a little creepy and was texting me over and over (like we were chatting on the game). All of the sudden all of these "birds" came flying overhead and landing in the courtyard. They were shiny stuffed animal bird things (I'm reading The Notebook and just finished the part where they row a boat where hundreds of swan have migrated). All I remember thinking was that I wish I had my camera to take pictures of these birds to post on my blog!!!! I found my phone and took pictures with that. When I woke up this morning I wanted to find my phone to post the pics. The birds were amazing.

For some reason the pictures aren't on my camera phone. I swore I took them :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My new addiction

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an addict. I was introduced to Catan by my friend's Mr. and Mrs. Fish (I won't use their real names for confidentiality purposes). I gave into peer pressure and now cannot stop. I don't eat, sleep, or spend time with my family anymore, unless they are online playing. I love the feelings of suspense and excitement that it makes me feel. I've only been a player for 2 days and my last game was 20 minutes ago.

Seriously, if you guys like board games, this one is great!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dinner Party

I love husbands and their "planning". We attended, what I thought was supposed to be, a casual dinner Friday night to meet his friend Josh's new girlfriend. The plans (between the guys) were made Friday afternoon. On the way up to I asked Jeremiah if he was sure it wasn't a fancy dinner party and that we should've gotten a babysitter. He said that Josh made it sound casual and Miah didn't ask any questions (too late now). Low and behold, it was a home cooked gourmet dressed up dinner party with wine and cocktails and about 12 people (who all got sitters). I don't remember the last time I was that uncomfortable.

Boston did well except for a few minor things.
He tried to blow out all of the candles that were lit all over the house.

He ate the chips and dip appetizer with the boys, but I caught him spitting out the bites he didn't like all over the beautiful dinner table settings (luckily it was empty and everyone else was busy eating appetizers and talking that no one noticed- and I did clean it up).

And he insisted eating his noodles (that I brought for him) at the table, in his own chair. Jeremiah and I had to share a chair. That's our own fault for bringing him.

Now don't think that the minute we got there we didn't want to turn around and run home. But thanks to Josh and his new girlfriend and all of her friends, they made us feel comfortable and not too embarrassed that we brought our 2 year old. It was still a fun evening.

I would love to hear some of your funny "husband planning" stories.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Teenage Babysitter

This morning we got a knock on the door. You never know who it's going to when you're showing your house because realtors seem to enjoy showing up unannounced claiming that they left a message with your realtor. "Oh, you didn't know we were coming, we left a message 10 minutes ago. Can we just come in take a look since we're already here?" I normally don't mind if they don't mind stepping over toys and looking past the laundry and dish piles. I used to keep the house in "showing" condition all the time for moments like this, but I'm SO OVER IT!!!!

This morning's knock took me off guard. I answered the door with Boston in my arms and the realtor looked at me and said
"Hi, we want to buy a house in this area and would like to see your backyard. Are your parents at home? "

My response: Um . . . what?

Realtor: Are your parent's at home?

Man, I had no idea what to say. I couldn't figure out why she would want to talk to my parents (who are in NM, by the way. Then I remembered another realtor who came by a month ago who said she thought I was the teenage babysitter until she saw the wedding pictures of me around the house). So I told the realtor that I was the owner of the home and she side cocked her head and looked at me and asked if they could come in.

Maybe I should cut my hair. They say shorter hair makes you look older. Or wear more make up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family loses 2 year old at airport. . . WHAT?

So this has always been a fear of mine (losing a child) but never thought it could ever happen like this. Maybe I'm a little anal, but you'd be darn sure that I'd know where my 2 year old was. They didn't know that the child was missing until the airport security notified them on the plane. . . in the air.

Click on the title to see the article.

Boston's Baby

So Boston LOVES babies. He also loves his friends Emi and Chloe (who he also calls Emi because he can't say Chloe). Chloe loves her baby dolls and always has one with her and wraps it up in blankets. Boston knows that Chloe loves her baby and if she leaves one behind Boston is right behind her with it saying "Emi baby, Emi baby". Last night we found "bear" and I told him that it was his baby. He took very good care of his baby (who he calls baby) this morning.

I was showing Jeremiah the pictures of Boston and his baby and he says "Can we just call it a bear and put him in a football jersey?"

Boston has also learned how to smile for the camera.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I want Amen

Jeremiah was taking Boston with him to the gym and they were in the car getting ready to go. Boston is shouting to dad "I want amen, I want amen". So Miah says a prayer in the car so Boston can say AAAAAAAMEEEEEN! They arrived to the gym safely.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Update: Time-out

Jeremiah told me his time-out story today and I have to write it down. Miah was trying to change squirmies diaper and he wouldn't sit still so Miah told him that if he didn't sit still he would have to go to time-out. So Boston, being the obedient squirt that he is, complied and let Miah change his diaper. As soon as Miah was done Boston gets up and goes running for time-out. Miah tells him that he doesn't have to go and so Boston starts to come back and then Miah tells him that he only had to go to time-out if he didn't listen. As soon as Boston heard that word, he went booking it back to the corner.

Do we have him trained or what????

He either LOVES time-out or he's just the sweetest little guy in the whole world and listens to his parents. I think it's the latter :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I noticed that Boston drew on the couch with a red crayon (last week it was green). So I had him look at the mark with me and explained that it was a no-no. I was reminding him that he went to time-out last time because he kept doing it and not listening to me and proceeded to ask him if he wanted to go to time-out again. He looks at me and nods his head yes and I watch as he walks over to the corner and stands there and faces the corner. I wasn't actually going to put him in time-out but was giving him a warning. My heart melted as I sat behind him as he stood himself in the corner and he would look over his shoulder every few seconds with nothing but love in his eyes. All I wanted to do was give him a hug and tell him how much I love him, so that's what I did!!!

So, he got himself out of a punishment by punishing himself and I wouldn't be surprised if he was using reverse psychology on me. He's a smart little boy and knows his mom too well!