Friday, May 16, 2008

Teenage Babysitter

This morning we got a knock on the door. You never know who it's going to when you're showing your house because realtors seem to enjoy showing up unannounced claiming that they left a message with your realtor. "Oh, you didn't know we were coming, we left a message 10 minutes ago. Can we just come in take a look since we're already here?" I normally don't mind if they don't mind stepping over toys and looking past the laundry and dish piles. I used to keep the house in "showing" condition all the time for moments like this, but I'm SO OVER IT!!!!

This morning's knock took me off guard. I answered the door with Boston in my arms and the realtor looked at me and said
"Hi, we want to buy a house in this area and would like to see your backyard. Are your parents at home? "

My response: Um . . . what?

Realtor: Are your parent's at home?

Man, I had no idea what to say. I couldn't figure out why she would want to talk to my parents (who are in NM, by the way. Then I remembered another realtor who came by a month ago who said she thought I was the teenage babysitter until she saw the wedding pictures of me around the house). So I told the realtor that I was the owner of the home and she side cocked her head and looked at me and asked if they could come in.

Maybe I should cut my hair. They say shorter hair makes you look older. Or wear more make up.


Nadine said...

don't you just love looking young! i just love when parents in the NICU ask me how much longer until I graduate and become a real nurse, or the reaction i get from people when i tell them i'm going to be 30 this year... but a teenaged baby-sitter.... wow! lucky you! I wish I still looked that young! miss you lots!

Ann Marie said...

Ha! That is a great story Jess! I am glad you put it to her! She's just jealous that you are going to look WAY HOTTER and YOUNGER than her at her age!

fischerarts said...

I thought my thin hair would help, but the 14 year old girls keep asking me to prom, I feel your pain.


Erin said...

I went and got a pedicure a few weeks ago and the guy asked me if it was for prom..... and I've had numerous solicitors ask for my parents also. One kid even asked if I went to DCHS (the high school) when I said no he said, Oh you go to middle school? WHAT!?! Are you kidding me?

Thanks for sharing! I feel your pain too!

Erica B. said...

It's those great genes you have! The funny thing is you didn't get it right away! I don't know what's worse too young looking or older!

Tasha said...

LOL! LOL! You will appreciate the youthful look when you are older (that is what all the old people say, right?)

Man, I have missed out, by not checking the blogging world...