Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boston turns 2!!!!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday little buddyyyyyyy. Happy Birthday to you!!! YAY!!!!

Boston turned 2 on May 26th. It's awesome having a fun and busy 2 year old (except that I have to pay for plane tickets now for him. . . ).

We held a combined park and pizza birthday party for him and his friend Chloe (last week) who was born on the same day. Her mom, Debbie, and I worked out together while pregnant and had a combined baby shower. It was only fitting that they were born on the same day (not planned) and have combined birthdays. We'll invite you all to their wedding in about 20 years.

Boston opening his package from Nana. He decided it would be way fun to take out the peanuts one at a time with tongs. This only lasted for about 5 minutes.

Mom, make me a balloon animal ("Make me a bicycle, clown").

B has a frosting mustache from trying to dig into the cake . . . and he hates the hat.

Ready to blow out the candles? B practiced a ton at that fancy dinner party last week.


Boston feel asleep in the car on the way home. Way too partied out!! When he woke up at midnight (yep, he did) we decided it would be a good time open presents.

Look at all of this loot. Thank you everyone for the great gifts.

The next morning. Cheese!! By the way. We didn't plan on him being shirtless in all the pictures. We do dress him, I swear. He just always wanted them off when the camera came out to show off his muscles.


Kari said...

Happy Birthday Boston. We meant to call yesterday but didn't get the chance we will try tonight! It looks like you had a great birthday! We will see you soon!

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday Boston! I'm such a bad aunty. His present is still unwrapped, and under my desk. I'll mail it out soon.... hopefully! Miss you!

Nataluscious said...

Happy Birthday Boston!!! And what amazing muscles those are....

Tasha said...

Happy #2 Boston! You are so much fun and full of energy. We are so happy to have celebrated your birthday with you. (And those muscles...whew!)

Ann Marie said...

I think that is awesome that you let him open all the presents at midnight. How fun! I would have been so grumpy that he was awake - - you are a way cool mom! :-)