Friday, July 25, 2008

To have and to hold. . .

We had the pleasure of attending a beautiful wedding in June of one of Miah's best friend's (and now mine) Danny. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with a decadent dessert table. The ceremony was performed by one of Danny's closest friends and was very touching. The reception was so fun. I met a lot of Miah's friends from high school and Danny and his new bride, Natalie (who looked gorgeous), give a stunning dance performance of "Baby Got Back" during their first dance. They are made for each other. We left Boston with his Granny as cousins in St. George while we ventured on up to Salt Lake for the wedding. As you can see, he didn't miss us one bit. Congratulations Danny and Natalie.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boston makes his debut

I'm still way behind in posts, but I can't help but post this right now. Boston and I went to the OC Fair yesterday and I FINALLY caught him and his crazy dance moves on video. B was trying to copy this African Dance Troupe. Some things I didn't get on film was him trying to do a hand stand and the limbo. At the end of the video you'll see his hand out. I was holding onto his shirt so that he'd stay back and he was leaning forward with both of his hands out. If I would've let go, he would've landed on his face. I had some people come up to me afterward and say that they didn't know which was more fun, watching the performance or Boston trying to copy the performance. I love this little man so much. He makes life so much fun!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boston Armstrong

The Boss saw dad riding his bike and wanted to try. So here he is ready for the Tour de Block. He also got dad's gloves and hat and wanted to use them with his scooter. So glad he's using safety gear this early. Maybe I should think about getting him some that actually fit.

Tanaka Farms

Boston and I took a tour of a family farm in the area that grows everything organically. They are a Japanese family that have been using the same farming techniques for generations. They take you in a tractor around the farm and you get to sample some of the fresh vegetables. We had green onions, romaine lettuce, carrots, and then picked and ate as many strawberries as we could!!!! The freshly picked veggies were so good. Very different than what you buy in the stores. Boston tried everything!!! He is very good about chewing up veggies, swallowing them is a very different story. He ate about 10 carrots, but spit out each bite after chewing it up. What a stinker. We were given a basket to fill up with strawberries to take home with us. I would put a berry in the basket and Boston would take it out and eat it. I never got more than 3 berries in my basket at a time. We did that until he was full of berries, inside and out. Unfortunately, my camera broke as soon as we reached the berry fields, so I don't have any pictures :( I do have some after pics, though. He was BY FAR the messiest child in the group. Berry juice all over his face, shirt, pants, back and bum (don't ask me how he managed that). It was so fun that I think we'll go back for watermelon season!

Conked out in the car. I already cleaned his arms, legs and face.

This picture does not even come close to showing how messy his back was.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pictures of Cabo! Darby Family Vacation.

Every year the Darby clan goes on a family vacation. This year was Cabo!!! We always try to choose somewhere we've never been or haven't been for quite awhile. This is one of the "never been to" places. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort (meaning eat as much as you can until your bathing suit becomes a tourniquet) . It was similar to a cruise, without the boat. They had nightly shows and different themed dinners.
Our days mainly went like this: Wake up at . . .whenever. Get dressed in bathing suit. Go eat breakfast. Swim in pool, waterpark or beach. Eat lunch. Take nap. Swim. Eat dinner. Watch show or live music. Go to bed. Repeat for 7 days.
We did a couple of extra things like a boat ride to Los Cabos, snorkeling, and explored downtown Cabo. It was so fun just to be with family day in and day out. Boston got used to this schedule fairly quickly. He also became very popular with the ladies. He loved to flirt with the lounge singer and would usually be the only one on the dance floor dancing. Than he met Paige. She was about 14. After his first dance with her, he followed her all over the place. At the pool, at dinner, etc. Then he met a girl from England. She worked there and took him on a congo line and he danced with her for a bit. I'm sure Paige was ok with that. I think he partied more than anyone else. Can't wait to see what's in store next year!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whoah. . .where did the time go???

So, I'm about a month and a half behind on the haps in this blog. YIKES!!!! Here's what you have to look forward to as I catch up:

- Darby family vacation to Cabo (beginning of June)

- Boston and mom at Tanaka Farms (mid June)

- Boston Armstrong

- Granny's house with the cousins in St. George and The Kemp Wedding ( late June)


- Train ride to San Clemente Pier

- Albiston Family Reunion in Northern UT (beginning of July)

- Clam Bake (mid July. . . actually it's tomorrow)

Ok, this is really for my own benefit. I needed an outline to go off of to organize my future posts (yes, I have type A tendencies- and proud of it). I'm trying to remember all the details of each event as I outline this, but my brain is mush. Becky, I promise that I will have something soon ( and I was so excited to see a comment from you, even if it was a plea to post :)