Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tanaka Farms

Boston and I took a tour of a family farm in the area that grows everything organically. They are a Japanese family that have been using the same farming techniques for generations. They take you in a tractor around the farm and you get to sample some of the fresh vegetables. We had green onions, romaine lettuce, carrots, and then picked and ate as many strawberries as we could!!!! The freshly picked veggies were so good. Very different than what you buy in the stores. Boston tried everything!!! He is very good about chewing up veggies, swallowing them is a very different story. He ate about 10 carrots, but spit out each bite after chewing it up. What a stinker. We were given a basket to fill up with strawberries to take home with us. I would put a berry in the basket and Boston would take it out and eat it. I never got more than 3 berries in my basket at a time. We did that until he was full of berries, inside and out. Unfortunately, my camera broke as soon as we reached the berry fields, so I don't have any pictures :( I do have some after pics, though. He was BY FAR the messiest child in the group. Berry juice all over his face, shirt, pants, back and bum (don't ask me how he managed that). It was so fun that I think we'll go back for watermelon season!

Conked out in the car. I already cleaned his arms, legs and face.

This picture does not even come close to showing how messy his back was.

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Tasha said...

You were right when you said there was red everywhere! How DID he get red all over his back?? Looks like you had fun as usual.