Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok, ok. . .a lot of people already know, but I'm pregnant!!!!!! Yay!!! Due May 4th. I'm 8 weeks along.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Water Park

There's a community close by us (I call it Pleasantville) that has this amazing (and free) waterpark. My friend, Kim, lives near and invites us over quite often to play. I finally got some pictures, except I forgot to get some of Kim and her girls - Bad Jess.

The water playground.

The bucket dumping water. . . YIKES!

Boston didn't like all the splashing, so he sat out for the first half an hour (????). I played with Kim and the girls and couldn't get him to come play. He finally wanted to when the guards got everyone out of the water for a 10 minute break. Then he tried to get in. It's no fun, unless it's a private affair!

As soon as he decided he was ready to play, we all had a blast and I got drenched by the water bucket. There's nothing like having a 2 year old to make you feel young again!!! Thanks for a great day Boston, Kim and Savannah.

Powell's Sweet Shop

One of our favorite outings is to Powell's Sweet Shop. It's an old fashioned candy shop with the most amazing gelato I've ever tasted. It's so fun. I remember an old fashioned candy/ice cream parlor called Merrill's where I grew up in NM. I LOVED going there, getting ice cream and seeing all the fun candy. Powell's definitely takes me back to my childhood, especially since they have a lot of the candy I grew up on that you can't find anywhere. I think I gain a pound everytime I just think about it. Just outside the shop is a grassy area with a fountain that the kids like to play in. Boston is notorious for finding little holes in the ground and lying in them.

Here's the little man in his "hole" with Emi and Chloe looking on.

Loading up on candy and gelato with the girls.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pier

The San Clemente Pier was the destination of our train trip.

The Train

So, as you read on the YouTube post, Boston LOVES trains. We have taken him to the train tracks a few times to see the trains up close. It's a huge treat for him and he wants to go everyday. Here are some pics of one of our outings. We actually took the 7 min train ride from San Juan to San Clemente Pier. It was a lot of fun!!!! San Juan train depot is on a street called Los Rios. It is the oldest street in CA, and across from the San Juan Mission. It's a beautiful area and completely preserved. People still live in the houses that have been renovated from the 1800's, and have maintained the feel of the street when it was first built. One of the houses is also one of the best restaurants I've been to. It's called The Ramos House Cafe. It was built in 1881. It's all outside seating and so quaint.

The train was completely packed with ladies dressed like this!!!

I found out that they are all apart of a ladies group called The Red Hat Society.
It is comprised of women over 50 who like to have fun. This particular group is from OC and dresses victorian wherever they go. There are thousands of members all over the U.S.
"The Red Hat Society began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middle age with verve, humor and elan. We believe silliness is the comedy relief of life, and since we are all in it together, we might as well join red-gloved hands and go for the gusto together. Underneath the frivolity, we share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next."

- Sue Ellen Cooper, Queen Mother

Boston's new obsession (train or bum bum?)

Boston's new favorite thing is watching choo choo trains (real and model) on YouTube. It's the first thing he asks to do in the morning and last thing we do before we go to bed. We will put the curser on the first video on the right side of the screen and all he has to do is click it when he wants to move on. So the other day and Miah related to me a funny story that happened while I was at work. Boston and Miah were sitting next to each other on the couch each on a laptop, Miah working, Boston watching Youtube when this happened

Boston: Dada, bum bum. Bum bum.

Dad looks over at the screen. One of the videos on the right side (amongst the very innocent videos of trains is a girl in a thong bikini). ??????????

Dad: No bum bum, Boston.

Dad tries to click on another video. Boston swipes dad's hand away.

Boston: No, my bum bum. MY bum bum.

Dad: No Boston, let's watch another video. How about choo choo trains.

Dad clicks on a train video.

Boston: I want bum bum. Dada, I want bum bum!!!

YIKES!!!!!!! I didn't know whether or not to think it was really cute or if I should be a little nervous.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome Treyven

One of most wonderful people I know delivered her precious little boy yesterday. I had the pleasure of meeting him just hours old.

We had a girls night celebration the night before she was to be induced. We stuffed ourselves with pasta (the best ever) at Mangia Bene.

Here he is!!!!! Isn't he the cutest thing?

Have you ever seen someone look SOOO good after giving birth? Totally jealous.

Congratulations Fischer Family. We're so excited about him. Especially now that Boston has a boy to play with!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

More spinach mom. . .

Boston doesn't eat as a hobby like I do. Some days he eats like he has a bottomless pit and some days he eats like a bird. Finding EXACTLY what he wants is another chore. He eats like some normal 2 year olds- hates veggies, loves pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, etc. and then he has some weird habits. He won't eat very many leftovers, he likes fresh food. He will eat Tabouli (greek salad dish made of bulgar wheat, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion, EVOO, lemon juice) which some adults won't even eat and his favorite food of all time is a Dutch oven pancake. Like I said, getting veggies in him has been quite a chore. I have recently discovered, however, that he loves sauteed spinach (fresh of course). He will eat it with curried moroccan rice (I told you he was a weirdo) or by itself. Tonight he made my heart soar with excitement when he kept asking for more. He was laying under the table playing with his plane (I had given up trying to feed him a sandwich at the table and let him play) and all of the sudden I heard these beautiful words "more spinach mom". Aaaaahuuuuhhhaaaahhh (imagine Ariel the Little Mermaid singing or an Angel Choir). Music to my ears. I kept feeding him under the table, bite after bite per his request. I didn't push my luck and make him sit in his chair. I would have fed him off the floor if he wanted (ok, not really, or maybe if it was REALLY clean). He ate almost an entire bag of spinach for dinner. Thank you little man for making your mom the happiest person in the world tonight.

People make me laugh. . .

Ok, honestly maybe not laugh, more like shake my head, sigh, roll my eyes. . .
A mailman (not our regular) just came to the door to drop off a letter. Boston just went to sleep. The door was WIDE open, I was sitting on the stairs right in front of the door in plain view of our visitor and he RINGS the doorbell. SIGH!!!! That reminded of an incident that happened a couple of weeks ago. I use the word incident because in the nursing world when something goes wrong, and I mean a BIG mistake, you fill out an incident report. In my world the word "incident" is not a good word. So, an incident happened a couple of weeks ago with a realtor (not the first, not the last- but this one made my eyes roll right out of my head). It's not uncommon for a realtor to knock on your door once and then let themselves on in, with no notice, calls or warnings. So I was upstairs putting Boston down for his nap (this is the magic moment of incidents') and someone is ringing the doorbell over and over again. AHHHHHHH!!!! I run downstairs and by this time this realtor lady is in our house yelling "hello??" over and over again. She looks at me and says " I talked to Tobias (our realtor) and wanted to come by to see the house. He told me that I couldn't because you were putting your baby to sleep. So I thought I'd drop by just to see the backyard, so can I go and see it?". Are you kidding me????

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hair I am!

Every time I get my hair cut I ask Miah what he thinks I should do. His reply for the past 4 years - cut it shorter. I'm a wuss and would never do it. Well, I finally did something really different (for me). I like it a lot. I will probably grow it back out because I love having long hair, but it will be fun while I have it. Thanks Aubrey for being the best hairstylist ever. She's the only one I would ever let cut my hair this short (hey, it's short to me).

St. George

We went to St. George this past weekend for Miah's Birthday and had a ton of fun with family! Here is the proof.

Miah w/ 2 of his 4 brothers barely fitting on the bed watching. . . football!

Boston and Conner playing Wii

Boston and Isaac having an afternoon chat on the swing. This was before we caught them chucking dirt from Granny's planters onto the wall. I have a feeling it was all Boston's idea due to the dirt in his hair and giving Isaac instructions on how to throw more effectively.

Granny's famous chicken alfredo pasta (to die for).

The awsomely cool Aubs and Jedo- love you guys!!!!

On the shuttle up to Zion's. Breathtaking. . .

The river at The Temple of Sinewava.

Boston's rule #1. When there's water, get naked!!!

Jump. . .

jump. . .

jump. . .

jump . . .


Isaac rode his horse all the time and Boston had to have one too. So we made a horse out of Uncle Jason's mule golf club cover and Granny's mop. It worked perfectly and when Boston was tired of riding the horse, he'd take the head off and mop the floor.

There's nothing like getting hosed down by 2 naked little boys. Refer to Boston's #1 rule!

Granny made a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for Miah. She also made some cake cones for the kids. We love Cake!!!!

Happy Birthday, Babe. This is right after my haircut. I let Miah pick the length, since it was his birthday.