Monday, September 1, 2008

St. George

We went to St. George this past weekend for Miah's Birthday and had a ton of fun with family! Here is the proof.

Miah w/ 2 of his 4 brothers barely fitting on the bed watching. . . football!

Boston and Conner playing Wii

Boston and Isaac having an afternoon chat on the swing. This was before we caught them chucking dirt from Granny's planters onto the wall. I have a feeling it was all Boston's idea due to the dirt in his hair and giving Isaac instructions on how to throw more effectively.

Granny's famous chicken alfredo pasta (to die for).

The awsomely cool Aubs and Jedo- love you guys!!!!

On the shuttle up to Zion's. Breathtaking. . .

The river at The Temple of Sinewava.

Boston's rule #1. When there's water, get naked!!!

Jump. . .

jump. . .

jump. . .

jump . . .


Isaac rode his horse all the time and Boston had to have one too. So we made a horse out of Uncle Jason's mule golf club cover and Granny's mop. It worked perfectly and when Boston was tired of riding the horse, he'd take the head off and mop the floor.

There's nothing like getting hosed down by 2 naked little boys. Refer to Boston's #1 rule!

Granny made a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for Miah. She also made some cake cones for the kids. We love Cake!!!!

Happy Birthday, Babe. This is right after my haircut. I let Miah pick the length, since it was his birthday.


Mibi and Lee said...

I like your hair!!!!! Im so glad we got reconnected too:-) Boston is a little cutie pie;-) Happy Birthday to your husband!

Ann Marie said...

Oh how I love Zion's National Park! Aren't The Narrows amazing! You just want to keep walking . . . Oh, I need to go back there someday soon - Looks like you guys had a blast!