Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Water Park

There's a community close by us (I call it Pleasantville) that has this amazing (and free) waterpark. My friend, Kim, lives near and invites us over quite often to play. I finally got some pictures, except I forgot to get some of Kim and her girls - Bad Jess.

The water playground.

The bucket dumping water. . . YIKES!

Boston didn't like all the splashing, so he sat out for the first half an hour (????). I played with Kim and the girls and couldn't get him to come play. He finally wanted to when the guards got everyone out of the water for a 10 minute break. Then he tried to get in. It's no fun, unless it's a private affair!

As soon as he decided he was ready to play, we all had a blast and I got drenched by the water bucket. There's nothing like having a 2 year old to make you feel young again!!! Thanks for a great day Boston, Kim and Savannah.


Ann Marie said...

Our very good friends live there too and trust me, we go every chance we get! Don't you just LOVE it? Oh to live in Pleasantville. Yes, I would too if I could only afford the melloroos there! :-)

Grama Jay said...

Oh...I want to play there too!!! What a fun way to spend the day....Jay