Saturday, September 20, 2008

Powell's Sweet Shop

One of our favorite outings is to Powell's Sweet Shop. It's an old fashioned candy shop with the most amazing gelato I've ever tasted. It's so fun. I remember an old fashioned candy/ice cream parlor called Merrill's where I grew up in NM. I LOVED going there, getting ice cream and seeing all the fun candy. Powell's definitely takes me back to my childhood, especially since they have a lot of the candy I grew up on that you can't find anywhere. I think I gain a pound everytime I just think about it. Just outside the shop is a grassy area with a fountain that the kids like to play in. Boston is notorious for finding little holes in the ground and lying in them.

Here's the little man in his "hole" with Emi and Chloe looking on.

Loading up on candy and gelato with the girls.


Ann Marie said...

Ok, still haven't been there yet, what am I thinking?!

Grama Jay said...

Isn't Powell's the BEST! We have one and I just love it. They have so many of the "old time" candies too that you can't find anywhere else either. I feel like I am stepping back in time. Glad you have one to enjoy!!! Are you able to get into my blog or do you still need an invite? If so, here's my email, send me your's and I'll send you and invite! Hugs, Jay