Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanksgiving '08- The untraditional year

I've been consistently a month behind in my blogging. Now that Christmas has past, here is my post for Thanksgiving. My camera broke over Christmas as well (so sad) and I have a month's worth of postings saved so it gives me some time to replace the camera!!!

Here we are this year on Thanksgiving morning. We went to San Clemente Pier to "catch" our dinner. We dug up some worms in the front yard, grabbed our poles, and headed out. It was so nice and warm that we didn't care the fish weren't biting (except for what to do about dinner). Jeremiah was still on his refugee diet and the Fischer's joined us for a nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner of take out. Tasha got a turkey sandwich and I got some butternut squash ravioli, both from Mimi's. The guys didn't really eat (out of respect to the refugee diet) and I think the kids had mac and cheese. It was a low key year, but one I'll never forget.

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