Friday, December 12, 2008

Skee Ball

I went to see a Christmas production called "Savior of the World" put on by my church (which was amazing) tonight, so Jeremiah had Boston all to himself.
Here is a picture Miah took of Boston playing skee ball at Dave and Busters. Miah was so proud that he would only put the balls in the 100 point hole. His strategy worked so well that he earned himself a couple of prizes with the tickets he won. Jeremiah let him pick the prizes all by himself. Guess what he came home with. . . . a wind up walking happy face and a shot glass (Boston calls it his baby cup).

Boston showing off his winnings to mom. Drinking juice out of his "baby cup".

B grabbed this "stick" out of the utensil drawer, put it in his mouth and crawled around the kitchen trying to say "woof" with it in his mouth. Good Boston, good Boston.


Ann Marie said...

Ha!!!!! Boston is classic! He is just going to love seeing all the fun photos from his childhood as an adult! Glad you got some time out too! Didn't you love SOTW?

Jennifer said...

Hey there! He is so cute.

Erica B. said...

Those are some photos to store away for future viewing! I especially like that his dad let him cheat.

Grama Jay said...

I missed our production, darn was out of town...glad you went and enjoyed it! Now those guys of your's they just keep me laughing...I can just see Miah w/ Boston as he is putting the ball in the 100 point slot! What a crack up and how the shot glass; "baby cup" very clever! What will he come up with next??? And the wooden stick....he is a character! Miss you guys.....Happy New Year!! Call ya soon...XOXOX

Kev said...

Jess...I love your blog. We hope that all is well!