Saturday, December 15, 2007

Training early

Miah is currently reading a book on leadership and coaching. He put it down for a minute and Boston grabs it, sits in his little Boston-size chair, and starts to read it like daddy does.

Have to start reading the right books to prepare for the future!!!

Boston is also going to be in a band when he's older (or now if someone will accept him). We do "music time" everyday - Boston decided that. He will grab Miah's hand and pull him into the "music room", grab the guitar and give it to Miah and then wait for him to play. Boston will dance and go to the keyboard and play shaking his head. In this picture he grabbed the guitar stand and is "singing" into it like a microphone. I have not idea where he got this idea, but it works perfectly. I can't believe this kid. . . he amazes me everyday.


Tasha said...

How does Boston know to sing with the "microphone?" He must have someone to watch. Jess are you singing in front of the mirror (with your hairbrush) again?

Kari said...

So cute! What a smart little boy he is! We miss you!