Sunday, December 9, 2007


This post is super late, but I finally got around to doing it. We had the wonderful opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in St. George with Jeremiah's family and then come back to see my family (they met at our house). I didn't get a chance to take any "dinner" pictures, but just notice how much tighter my clothes are getting and you'll know that they were great meals!!!!!!

This is us attempting to get family pictures in this beautiful Autumn setting at the entrance to Zion's National Park. We never got the little bug to sit still~ (I have about 10 more shots similar to these with Boston in various trying-to-get-away poses).

Granny breaking pecans for Isak and Boston. What a great Granny!!
Boston "loving" his cousin, Whitnee. She was trying to watch a movie and he was smothering her with love and slobbery kisses ~more picture in a later post.

My niece celebrated her first birthday with us. Here's mom showing her how to blow out the candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAYCI!

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Ann Marie said...

I love the leaves pictures - Boston looks like he was having the best time!