Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Park

I took B to the park last night. After all the "normal" park activities B notices some guys shooting hoops on the court. He grabs his ball and runs as fast as his little legs will take him to join a game. I'm able to keep him on the sidelines until half the court opens up.

He wants to put the ball in the basket. I'm wondering if he notices that there's a bit of height difference between this basket and the one we have at home (that's 3' tall). He even gets me to lift him up to get closer to the basket.

He's mad he can't make a basket and angrily throws his ball, sits down, takes off his shoes. . .

and runs to the other side of the court because these other guys look like they are doing much better at this than we were.

I tell him he can't play with them and he runs over to the tennis courts, watches for a bit and then treks through the bushes on a new adventure.

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Tasha said...

Boston has no inhibitions. I am sure he will be a great basketball player someday and he and daddy Miah can play one on one. (Nate and I laughed as we read this, he is so funny)