Sunday, September 16, 2007

Songs For Darfur and the debut of Possibilities H2O

I wanted to share with you our amazing weekend and the debut of Possibilities H2O. We had the opportunity to attend and participate in an event called "Songs For Darfur" on Saturday in Topanga Canyon, north of Los Angeles. Jeremiah has become friends with the co-founder of the organization "Stop Genocide Now" and was invited to sell Possibilites H2O at the event that they coordinated. We gave 100% of the profits ($1.25 of the $2.00 that we charged) and were able to raise about $1,000 and had very promising and exciting feed back about the water. "All proceeds will go towards building a secondary school in the refugee camp, Kounoungo in Chad. A secondary school may actually save lives by preventing young children from venturing back into Darfur in search of educational possibilities, where they are at risk of being killed or recruited as child soldiers. It will give them hope, education and the real potential to affect their own destiny. The genocide in Darfur has taken the lives of an estimated 400,000 people, and more than 2.5 million are displaced and in grave danger of more violence and starvation." The Sudanese government’s Arab militia raiders, known as janjaweed are the groups responsible for this atrocity.

It was incredible to be surrounded by people with a common cause. The music was festive and exuberant and the speakers were powerful and poignant. Some of them victims of the janajaweed who were orphaned when their family and friends were brutally slain. What an experience to hear their stories.

I'm so grateful for being able to be apart of this and for Jeremiah (I'm married to the most fantastic, amazing, incredible, etc. man alive) and what he's created in our lives and for our family. It's amazing to be able to focus on helping other people and it helps us realize that our own struggles are nothing compared to what some people deal with in this life. The difficulties that we have faced with the mortgage crisis have become more of a blessing because we are able to put more attention on the things that matter more to us. Thanks to my mom who flew out to watch Boston so we could be away the entire day- I know that she's the one thanking us for giving her a reason to come out and have some one on one with him. And thanks to Boston for being the happiest little boy I know.

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Ann Marie said...

This is so amazing! How neat for you guys to be involved in this project!