Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Jeremiah's family (avid BYU fans) came in from St. George to attend the BYU vs. UCLA game. They got in late Friday night and left right after the game on Saturday night. Talk about a fast trip (Miah's parent's stayed an extra day). Even though they lost, the game was a lot of fun- especially the second half. This was my first time to the Rose Bowl and to a BYU game.

It was fun seeing the diversity in the fans. We had to park on the golf course and walk quite a way to the stadium. On the way we witnessed UCLA tailgators (mostly college students drinking) jeering at every BYU fans walking by. For those of you that are familiar with BYU, a lot of the fans are made up of young families (there were quite a few newborns and young kids there- true fans and troopers). So we saw this young family made up of a mom, dad, a teenage daughter and boy around 12 yrs old walk down the path and being booed and told that it was a long way back to Provo. It made me laugh because I could see the boy and the parent's chuckling. I love that!!!! Smile and find joy in the face of adversity and opposition!

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