Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Disneyland and Buzz

Disneyland is so fun with the kids (except for the waiting in line). We went this last weekend with the hubbies and couldn't have had more fun (especially since it wasn't busy or more than a 5 min wait on most rides).

Kalli and Boston.

If you notice the score you'll see that I kicked Miah's butt. But I just have to let you know that I kind of cheated. The ride stopped for a couple of minutes and I just so happened to be in front of a diamond target and took advantage of the time. Most people didn't realize you could just sit there and shoot over and over and increase your score. So is it cheating or is it being smart???? You're right, I'm smart! Hee hee.

Me at 5 months pregnant. I have a pic of my whole body (belly and all) but I look like a whale, so I'll spare you that image.

This ride is sentimental to me because when I was pregnant (before I knew Boston was a boy) I didn't want to call him/fetus the usual names (peanut, bug, bean etc.) so I called him Buzz Lightyear. Good thing he wasn't a girl. I had just gotten a season pass and the ride was fairly new, then found out I was pregnant.


Ann Marie said...

Don't you just love Disneyland??? Every time we go there I feel so fortunate to live where we do and have our kids experience all these fun things!

Tasha said...

D-Land is so great! We had a great time. You should print off your Buzz score and frame it :)
We should all do it again soon...