Saturday, September 15, 2007

San Diego Zoo

My mom treated Boston and I to a day at the San Diego Zoo (all of our first times there). I loved how big it was and that it felt like being in a jungle everywhere you went. We did the bus tour, the skyfari, the petting zoo and a LOT of walking. Boston was more interested in all the other little boys and girls than he was in the animals. A lot of the animals were sleeping and the one's that weren't were camouflaged with their environment, so it was difficult for Boston to see them. He did seem to like the animals he did see moving around.

The goats at the petting zoo.

Nana got Boston a caricature. When I came home to show Miah, he said "It looks like a blonde little girl sitting in tree". We've been told what a cute little girl we have on occassion, which I can't figure out because he is all boy, but I guess this drawing confirms those comments.

Ok, so I swore that I'd never show these pics or admit that I would do this at my age (I dressed my brothers up when I was young), but after the "girl" comments I had to have proof that he just doesn't look like one. Even in a bikini, he looks like a boy- it's just looks a bit awkward. I know what you're thinking "that is just wrong". It is, that's my point. These pics will be fun to show Boston's future girlfriends when he is older!!!

How cute is this?


Ann Marie said...

I love the SD Zoo - It is so fun plus you get an extremely good workout walking up and down all those hills! Cute photos . . .

Debbie said...

Loving the bikini on Boston!

Debbie said...

And loving your profile pic! So gorgeous! Was it recent? Who took the shot? You are a Yummy Mummy!