Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boston's best friend's in our hood

There are these very sweet ladies that walk our street almost every afternoon. We have become very close friends with them (because of Boston). After an encounter with them Boston's face is COVERED with lipstick kisses and has been told how much he's loved about 100 times. They are persian and have the greatest accents when they say "I love you" over and over. We love seeing them and Boston will run down the street to get all the hugs and loves he can and tell them all about his day and the trees and spiderwebs and birds that he sees outside. We will dearly miss them when we leave.
We love you, Nancy and Shoukoo!!!!

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Grama Jay said...

So sweet...great neighbors are so awesome. You can tell Boston really does love them! That's one of the tough parts of moving! But I have a feeling they'll always be part of your lives.