Friday, November 7, 2008

Pumpkin Patch X2

YAY for pumpkin patches. Here's some pics of some fun patches of pumpkins we went too. 

Boston and Kalli climbing the mound O' punkins.

The favorite of all rides. All Aboard!!!

B and Kalli always come up with some kooky game. This must be jumpin pumpkin.

Just right.

Here we are at the Irvine Railway Pumpkin Patch. An attempt at a family picture. 

B and Chloe rearranging the patch. 

In the hay maze with Chloe and Emi (right after Emi and B ran into each other which resulted in Emi's first black eye - sorry Emi). 

B is running away from Dad in the maze. 

Weird experimental creatures.

Even weirder experimental creatures.

Look at my muscles!!!!

The coolest train ride ever. . .

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Tasha said...

Wow, some great posting going on. Thanks for the great photography at the patch. You got some good ones!