Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our day at the petting zoo

What's up Doc?
B tried to strike up a conversation with this dad and was ignored (I know????) so he started to eat the carrots himself to show him how much cuter he was than the bunnies!!! So much cuter!!!

Giddy Up!

No, Boston is not smothering this Guinea Pig. He's carefully protecting him from any attack rabbits.
(No animals were harmed while shooting the pictures. . . barely).

Oh wait, these rabbits just want to kiss and cuddle.

B LOVED the train ride. His favorite part was charming the mom next to me everytime the train went around. He waved, smiled, laughed, and talked to her while I was taking pictures trying to get his attention. He's smiling at the "other" mom in all the train photos. Cute little flirt!!!

I'm the rootin tootinist.

"Mom look. A plane. Goat, what goat?"


fischerarts said...

last that goat thinking what I am thinking?...tail in air...small child at rear...


Anonymous said...

Your commentary makes me laugh every time. :) He's getting so big!! It's hard to live so far away, but hopefully I will have an opportunity to see you all soon. I love you.


Nataluscious said...

Great to see a new post from you! I love that picture of Boston holding the one bunny - he looks so protective! :) I hope you are doing well...

Tasha said...

Finally, a post...and I love it. I see you made it to the zoo. It looks like he enjoyed the rabbits, thoroughly! It makes me want to go again. I love all the pictures, I am sure he had a blast. Let's hit D-Land soon :)

Nadine said...

He's getting so big! I miss you guys! Give B huge hug for me please!