Friday, March 28, 2008

Still feeling young!!!

Do you remember when you were a young college student and had a list of crazy things you wanted to do that were against social norms? Well, I'm proud to announce that I was able to fulfill one of mine yesterday.

4. Wade into a public fountain in the middle of the day. CHECK!!!

Boston and I went with my dear friend Debbie and her two girls to get ice cream. Afterward they had a blast running all over a grassy hill nearby and up and down the stairs that opened up into a huge and beautiful fountain. After a perfect afternoon, Boston decided to throw Chloe's treasured stuffed duck into the fountain!!! I was sooooo close to retrieving it from the ledge and then I watched it slowly float into the middle. I just had no choice. Poor Chloe was going to lose her very bestest friend. So I hiked up my pant legs and stepped into the fountain. Would I have ever done it if it weren't for a 2 year old and his friend? I would like to think so, but probably not. I may have in the dark with my husband (he would totally do it). It's events like this that keep you young. Thank you Boston!!!


Erica B. said...

At least it wasn't a duck pond!

Ann Marie said...

Classic! I would have loved to see that Jess! What a good mommy you are! :-)

Tasha said...

Too bad you didn't have your camera. I am sure Chloe was VERY grateful!

Pen Drive said...
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