Monday, February 11, 2008

Playing catch up!

I am so behind on this blog and have a lot of catching up to do. I am just going to post some recent (and not so recent) photos and try not to go into a lot of the details of the last month. I hope ya'll don't mind (I picked up that word in Georgia). Here's a recap of January and beginning of Feb.

December to first week of Jan:
Had lots of family visitors (loved it)

January 16th to ????
Miah went to Africa

January 17th to 26th:
Jess and Boston went to Georgia

February 4th:
Miah finally came home from Africa

Last week:
Boston was diagnosed with asthma (poor kiddo).

Georgia Oct 2006

I don't have any pictures of our latest trip to Georgia so here are some of our last trip. I went to visit a dear high school friend, Leisha, and her daughter, Shailyn.

Boston and his first date with Shailyn- already trying to hold hands. Boston was 5 months old.

Some baby cuddles (what happens when mom's are too busy taking pictures to help keep the babies upright :)
Boston trying to lick Max (THE MOST GIGANTIC DOG -and sweetest- I'VE EVEN KNOWN!)

Here are some recent pics (not in any particular order- too lazy to sort them)

B's new chore- How much allowance do you think I should start him at???

Boston and Ashton in New Mexico- Ashton couldn't keep his eyes off of his new friend.

The Explorer Museum in New Mexico. Boston especially loved the music room!

Going down the slide in Legoland. They have the greatest play area!!!

Boston being escorted by his very cool cousin Cade at Legoland.

Playing tag with his other very cool cousin (Cade's younger brother) Brandon. GOTCHA!!

Brandon, Cade and Boston- hey guys, look at me!!!

Just chillin on the couch catchin up with the cuz'.

Mom thought she'd try her hand at cutting Boston's hair! Not to shabby for her first time!
What happens when you mix hair gel with a slide (lots of static). Would you call that an "electric slide"???


Ann Marie said...

That Boston is such a cutie! Lol on the last pic!!! Did you like Legoland? We are going next week with Kylie's school. It will be our first time!

Nadine said...

Love the pictures of Boston! I hope all is well in California. I miss you guys so much. Give Boston a hug from me, and tell Miah and your parents that I said Hello!

Mom D. said...

Thank you for the pictures. Boston is looking cuter and more handsom as he grows older. We sure miss him lots, and we miss you all too.

Hey Nadine, how are you! We miss you too! How's Hawaii? Hope you are doing well and enjoying life.

Love to all.....

rita said...

I'm sorry to hear about Boston's asthma :( How severe is it?
I'm glad Miah is back and safe now. Did Boston miss him? He is soooo cute I can't get over it :)) funny little man. Hope you are doing well too. Give me a call some time!
I don't know if I'll ever get around to blogging here. Haha, I'm too lazy these days.
Love and peace!

Tasha said...

You have definietly had an adventuresome past few weeks, with more adventure than you bargained for!! Love the pics. Boston is such a ladies man!

Erin said...

I hope the next few months will be a little less stressful....Wow! Benson is high risk for having asthma too. They haven't officially labled him, just in case he grows out of it (so it won't be on his medical record) I sure hope he does. Right now it only flares up when he is sick.

Poor Boston! He is such a cute little man! I'm glad Miah made it home safe and sound! What a blessing! Love you guys!

Wendy said...

I was in shock. For a minute there I thought you cut Boston's hair. I realize he looks younger but I thought to myself, "Wow, that cut sure changed his look!" Ha. I'm a dork. Cute pics.