Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Albuquerque Botanical Garden/ Aquarium

Here's some pics from a fun little outing with my friend, Erica, and her kids (Ian, Genevieve -Gena, and Penelope-poppy). It was a lot of fun. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures in the butterfly pavilion, but it was amazing.

Boston's favorite- the model train track that ran along the whole length of the Gardens with several trains running along.

The train that goes between the zoo and aquarium. It's an hour long round trip with tunnels. Too much fun! All of the conductors are dressed up like the old train conductors. See the elephants in the background?

The train station and one of the other trains.

All Aboard!!!

It must have been "bug day" at the Botanical Gardens. There was a booth of high schoolers handling these disgusting creatures and teaching us all about them. Here are the giant millipedes. They also had scorpions and tarantulas. YUCK!!!

The giant cockroaches. Apparently the cleanest creatures in the world. I WAS very surprised to learn that!

Lexus, Boston and Gena on an ant. There was a section that made it feel like you were as small as an insect. There was a huge maze, giant pumpkin, slide down a log, etc. So much fun!

The "garden".

The entrance to the maze.

Aquarium time. BIG fish.

Boston and his cousin, Lexus.

An artsy, weird picture on the other side of a cylindrical aquarium.

The whole group!


Nataluscious said...

Hey - is that Erica Prestwich you're with? Hello Erica!! :) I love the ABQ botanic gardens and aquarium. We took the kids when we were out there a couple of years ago and it became my new favorite place.

Tasha said...

Of course you guys are having a blast over there. I wouldn't expect anything less!