Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kalli's Halloween/Birthday party

We had to pleasure of attending Kalli's third birthday party with a Halloween theme. We painted pumpkins, went to the park, hit a pinata and ate lots of pizza, candy, and cupcakes. It was SO much fun. Happy Birthday Kalli!!!

Painting pumpkins. . . and the table. . . and mom.

Look at all the little artists.

Boston trying to escape the picture.

Boston is the luckiest boy~ surrounded by all those pretty girls

First time hitting a pinata


Tasha said...

Boston is such the ladies man. Watch out!

Debbie said...

Oh,my goodness! The pic of him trying to hit the pinata is priceless!

Ann Marie said...

I agree with Debbie! It was fun hangin' with you guys there!