Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kim's birthday at 6:45 am

So, apparently my friends thinks it's fun to kidnap other friends on their birthday at 6:45 am and take them to breakfast. I have to say that it was a ton of fun. Here is a rundown of the whole escapade. Too bad I won't be here for my birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Kim!

Time to wake up!!!!

It's always good to take as many pictures as you can while they are still in bed.

Jen doing a little coaxing to get Kim up.

YAWN!!! And she up. Mission accomplished.

At Mimi's Cafe for some birthday breakfast. Unfortunately I had to head off to work and missed the cake. Maybe next time.


Tasha said...

Ahhh! I see, you are moving to avoid this. It ALL makes sense now!

Wendy said...

We look nasty!