Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boston the photographer

I know, I know. Never let your 15 month old play with your cell phone. Well, I did and now I'm on my second one (and I even let him play with that one). Mom's just do just about anything to keep their little one's entertained. Ok, I probably go beyond anything sometimes but I never would have known about his talent of using my camara phone had I listened to the advice. So, he has figured out how to take pictures with the phone and I just wanted to show off his remarkable talent (I found out that if you just keep pushing the menu button over and over it gets you to the camara, BUT it takes a lot of patience to keep pushing that button over and over!!!) They are all in the car and on 2 different days. The first is of his feet and mom and dad's legs. I think this one has more of a modern fusion artsy feel to it. He wanted a main subject, but with a different view. The theme is "We can all walk".

I still can't figure out why he took the second one and what he was trying to portray. As soon as he can talk, I'll ask him. I think it's a little impressionistic myself.

Then there are 2 portraits of me! I am very flattered to be the subject of 2 of his works.

I'm so proud of my little photographer. Now if I can just teach him not to put the camara in his mouth.


Debbie said...

This is hilarious! He did such a great job. Very impressive!

Erica Bass said...

Pretty good! He's about as good as Genevieve who is 4 now!

By the way, glad you started a blog!

Ann Marie said...

This is hysterical! Too cute for words!!!!